What is STEM Education?

STEM Education

STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is about reclaiming potential. It encourages students to tap into their creative mind.

How can one really learn without experiencing what they are learning? To fully learn and understand something you must do it hands-on. And that’s why project based-learning is a large part of STEM education.

Project-Based Curriculum

My curriculum is focused on project-based learning. I encourage students to try everything and to use every tool in the classroom. When students learn in a hands-on environment it boosts their confidence because they actually are doing. In engineering, technology and woodshop classes, I use a hands-on approach so that students understand the subject fully. Like a chemistry lab, I have my shop (and tools) to teach how to build, fix and create anything students can think of. “It makes students resourceful and experienced when they confront problems in their future.”

Hands-on Classes

Students become empowered through creating. My purpose is to improve technology education in schools (STEM), and to connect my students with the community. Hands-on education and community involvement is key to a holistic education. I teach the positive and practical powers of hands-on skills, focusing on transforming our education system to underscore the importance of creativity and imagination.

Creativity, imagination, and innovation are all products of hands-on learning and collaboration.

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