The ‘Broken’ Freezer

Everyone likes a good story… and here is a quick one about a friend who thought she had a broken freezer for a year…

Kathy and the Refrigerator

I installed a new GFI, fixed her porch, painted, hung curtains, fixed blinds, and installed a new medicine cabinet. After I finished these general jobs, I went back to take a look at the smaller issues around the house.

One of those issues was that her brand new refrigerator freezer door wouldn’t close. Kathy told me that she had owned the refrigerator for over a year and that she had never been able to use it.

Allison and the Refrigerator

I pulled the sliding shelf out of the freezer, turned it around and slid it back. I said, “I’m charging you double for that one!” It only took a minute to fix. The problem was that the sliding shelf to the freezer was upside down!

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