Reclaimed Dog Bed

Reclaimed Dog Bed

What’s better than an upcycled dog bed?

My dog needs a dog bed. I know because he told me so… Every morning. He’s telling me that he wants a dog bed.

About a year ago I build my basset hound a window seat so he could look out the house window. But in the stairs for the window seat were too small and awkward for his short long awkward basset hound body. Plus, the last step to the window seat was about a six-inch drop, and that classifies as extreme sports for a basset hound.

So it was time to build Sherlock a new dog bed. One that will be easier on his short body.

Sherlock’s legs are only 7-inches long. That isn’t very long for a dog. A DVD case is longer than that. My hand is 6-inches long. Sherlock doesn’t just have short legs, he has a normal 65lbs dog body with short legs. Stairs are not that easy for him. Sherlock’s ears are longer than his legs. So his new stairs are made to be perfect for his leg height. I even put safety rails on the sides of the steps for his elder moments when he comes close to stepping off.

Sherlock teaches me to never give up and makes relaxing look so easy. He is great to watch a movie with and is always making me laugh. I couldn’t imagine being a dog that couldn’t see out a window. Sherlock has earned this great dog bed as a place to look out into the world. He can watch the street, listen to the birds, and soak up the sunshine.

Sherlock is officially in retirement mode. Living out his days sleeping, chewing on his favorite toy “Sammy”, begging for food, going for our walk in the woods, moaning (purring?!), and watching the world out of his kick-ass window seat.