Plane Handy

Plane Handy

This summer, I traveled to Hawaii. I was supposed to arrive back on a Monday, but it took two and a half attempts to take off. First, hurricane Irene hit, and the second was because of a problem with the plane. We almost didn’t take off from the airport because of a broken overhead compartment that wouldn’t close.

Since I’m a handywoman, I really couldn’t believe it. I thought, why isn’t someone able to fix a overhead compartment on an airplane? and, the overhead bin won’t close so the captain can’t fly the plane?

It really didn’t concern me that one overhead bin compartment wouldn’t close. All I knew is that I needed to get home. I figured the flight crew would empty the contents of bin so there would be no real hazard and take off, but they were about to deplane and cancel the flight.

So I came up with a real solution: fix it myself. I asked if I could take a look at the overhead bin and was given permission. I noticed the claw that locks the bin was wedged open. I took a walk over and cleared the jam by shaking the handle a little and bingo, it worked. I sat down and thankfully the plane took off. Do I get free voucher for that?

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