Ottoson Students Finish Room Renovations

It looks great and we can now fit everyone in the room. The students were given the chance to stay after school to work on the room. And even though no grades were given for this, students decided to help because they wanted to.

They were a pleasure to work with and I am very thankful for their efforts. Students cooperated with each other and helped each other when in need. Those who weren’t directly involved with the project were very impressed the next day during class when they saw the result.

“It’s like a new room,” some said. I would like to sincerely thank all the parents and members of the community who made donations to our cause. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The paint colors ended up being blue, green and a light, greenish-blue for the biggest walls. After doing much research, I found that blue stimulates creativity and innovation in our brains. Green represents health and learning. What better colors for a technology engineering room?

They look great together and make the room crisp and clean. I am planning on getting other teachers in the school to paint, so if you would want to help please keep your eyes and ears open and I will let the community know.

The major challenge of this project was converting the old computer desks into floating counter tops. These desks can hold two computers and two students. Before the renovation, desks had horrible-looking walls, which didn’t make the students feel like a team. The individualized desk setup cut off the students from one another and created an environment that was not group-oriented.

The students’ tasks were to take apart every single desk. We salvaged the tabletops. We ripped the tabletops down to open up more space in the center. On the opposite side countertops there are computers. We left these tabletops untouched to allow for more space.

To hang the tabletops, I first hung a ledger board for the counter to sit on. Then I came up with a diagonal brace to go where the tabletops connect. It causes the counters to look as though they are floating. The floor is now completely open, allowing for more space and easy cleaning. The counter top creates a team feel and an open space concept that will allow students to work better.

For next week, I am going to get more into the do-it-yourself side of things. November is a great month to start coming up with your ideas for holiday gifts.

I recommend that you make your gifts instead of buy them this year. Since I can remember, I have always made all my gifts for friends and family. I think it means more than just buying something.

You will truly touch someone’s heart when you take the time to make your gifts. I have some gift ideas that I will share with you next week. I will try to make up some plans, too.

If you have any good ideas, I would love to hear them.

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