Guest at Nashoba Valley Technical High School

Guest at Nashoba Valley Technical High School

I was a guest at Nashoba Valley Technical High School Open House this week. Wow, I was impressed. I think every kid in this country should have the option to go to a technical high school. There are 18 programs at Noshoba Valley Technical High School; including carpentry, plumbing, culinary, television production, and dentistry. At Nashoba Valley, the students go through all 18 of the courses during their freshman year. After that they get to pick the one they want to pursue.

Each student graduates with over 1,500 hours of hands-on work in their field. The Nashoba students I had the privilege of meeting were confident because they knew they had the opportunity to develop a profession before even leaving high school. In fact, not every student who goes to technical school will go directly into the trade they choose, many go on to college. This fact should dispel the big misconception that kids who go to a technical school are “non-college” bound.

If you were to survey me when I was a high school student on what I would rather do in school; hands-on work or bookwork, I would definitely choose hands-on work. I learn better with my hands. I would have loved Nashoba because students leave graduate with career options and real knowledge.

And even though I advocate kids going to college if they want to, I was a person who benefited quite well from my DIY skills through college. I wasn’t forced to work in low paying jobs to pay my rent during college. In fact, I always could get great paying job while taking classes in college. Technical students will always have something to fall back on and will make great citizens in our communities. Hands-on learning creates self-motivated learners who are proud of what they accomplish in high school. Hands-on learning is real life as far as I’m concerned. The freedom to invent and create is the driving force behind the motivation to learn skills and figure out solutions to problems.

The goal of education is to make students self-sufficient. Students are responsible and involved with running and maintaining the school. One of the coolest things I learned was that the school has solar panels and all the electricity and heat is sustainable energy.

I was delighted. The staff at Nashoba was passionate about their jobs. If your child is in 7th or 8th grade don’t be afraid to check out your nearest vocational technical high school. It might be a great fit for your child.

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