Turtle House

Tye is my amazing turtle. He has gone through many living situations throughout his life. I got him when I was about 10 or 11. He was about 6.

I always wanted a turtle when I was a kid. I was obsessed with reptiles. The day I got Tye was a memorable one. My mom and I had to learn how to take care of him.

Tye has never bitten anything or anyone in his entire life. He hates being in his shell, even when he sleeps he puts his head on the mulch with his arms just hanging out.

Tye has also went though many names, first being Jeter after my favorite baseball player growing up (do I even need to say Derek? 🙂 ) Tye then went to boarding school with me and wasn’t allowed in my dorm room so he lived with a dorm parents family and their youngest son named him Serrota de Vil.

When I went to college I left him behind. During my freshman year I decided to go pick him up and bring him to college.  While driving back to school at UConn I had a bottle of Tide clothes soap on the floor of my car and the significance of this would be why his name is officially Tye. I thought of how his life was so adventurous and how no matter what we always would be together so I said to myself, “wow, we are tied together for life!” So that is how he got the name Tye.

Tye AnniversaryTye then went to college. He drove my roommate from France crazy but I know she loves him! My teammates would take turns turtle sitting if he needed it and he loved when friends would play him the guitar. Tye also loves the vacuum cleaner.

He spends little time actually in his cage because he is too busy walking around the house or in the college days, the dorm room.

He even loves to swim, so one summer my dad and I built him a great outdoor cage with a huge pond in it. This was good until it would rain, then he would need to come inside again.

Tye has gone missing many times. He is the best at hide-and-go-seek.  When we lived in Berkeley he actually wandered out of the apartment for an entire night. I was in a panic but ended up finding him a foot in the ground buried to keep warm. He has given me some scares I can tell you that.

Tye has driven across the country six times and has lived in over 5 states. He is great with telling dogs who is boss and has been the dominant animal in every place we have ever lived. My favorite memories of Tye were when he used to climb on top of my dog William and sleep on him to get warm. It was soooooooooooo cute!

After doing a lot research on his breed I have discovered that his average life span is about 105 years old. Yup 105. So think twice, or three times for that matter if you plan on getting a turtle for you or someone else ;).

So as you can see it is the time in his life for a house upgrade. He officially has real estate in Marin CA 🙂 . Lucky him.

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