UPDATED: Freshman Welding the Homecoming Float

9/28/12 – Check out the video!

Iron Man: 2012 Terra Linda Homecoming


9/23/12 – Yesterday was homecoming parade… here are all the pictures from the freshman constructing their Iron Man float and the other classes as well. The freshman worked hard for the past two weeks and made a fantastic float. The other classes also had great floats. I was impressed! Batman, Spiderman, and Superman themes. In the end the parade was a lot of fun, and the freshman were announced as the winners of the float contest during the football game. Great job freshman!

Also, I’d like to thank everyone who helped (kids and adults!) out with the project. Especially Stella Clark and Mr. Costan for staying and helping with the cleanup yesterday after the parade.

9/18/12 – For the past week or so my students at Terra Linda have been hard at work welding an Iron Man float for this weekend’s homecoming parade. It’s been great to see the class come together for this project. They have had the opportunity to use new tools and use their minds in a creative and fun way. A great learning experience to have!

Also, thank you to the Marin IJ for coming out to support the students, school, and community.

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