Do It Yourself Bathroom Tile

In my latest project I tiled four bathrooms for a wonderful couple in Boston.

For this new project I had the opportunity to work with Denise Konicek, a female tiler from Winchester, Massachusetts. Denise contacted me on my website’s contact form letting me know that she is a local handywoman who would like to work with me on some projects. I was excited that Denise contacted me because I have been searching for skilled handywomen to work with.

Denise has been tiling for nine years and loves everything about it. She is both enthusiastic and willing to share her knowledge. Working with her was a learning experience, giving me the opportunity to pick her brain about her tricks and techniques of the trade. Denise is an expert at what she does and I am all about learning from people who have mastered their trade.

Once this project was underway and the bathrooms were demoed, of course we ran into structural problems. No project goes perfectly. This is where my skills came in handy. I addressed all the structural problems after the demolition so that the walls could withstand the weight of the heavy marble tiles.

The intricate detail involved in tiling would amaze the average person. It’s not about just slapping down some pieces of tile; you need to research the type of tile selected and what types of mortar and grout used to get the best results. Although I thought it would be tedious, it turned out that tiling is exciting and creative. Like all trades, tiling really is an art.

All together the project took about three weeks to complete. One of the things I love most about new projects is that I always make great friends along the way. The couple we worked for are both amazing people and it was a pleasure to work with Denise. Her expertise and knowledge are rare today. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to improve my tiling experience with a local female tiler, at the same time sharing my knowledge about structural support with her.

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